VIR Ferrari Puzzlers

These came from a batch of photos labeled VIR August 1957, but the car numbers don't match up with the entry list or results. They may be from later races at VIR or from another racetrack. 

Solution! - Ferrari expert Dave Seielstad has provided IDs on all these - thanks!

Any additional info would be greatly appreciated. - Please send me mail:

Photos Copyright by Harlan Hadley - Click on any photo for a larger version

hh-5708-029.jpg (276281 bytes)
250 TR s/n 0714TR
Alan Connell 5/59
hh-5708-030.jpg (338592 bytes)
375MM s/n 0382AM
Duncan Black 10/57
hh-5708-031.jpg (353857 bytes)
David Cunningham 
500 TRC s/n 0644 MDTR
hh-5708-041.jpg (306868 bytes)
375MM s/n 0364AM
Rich Lyeth - 8/57 or 10/57 
hh-5708-046.jpg (291770 bytes)
John Kilborn
290MM s/n 0616