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Info from Fred Otto

AAMRR was founded by  Lou Otto along with Fred Otto, Marti Otto Whaley, and Walter von Shonenfeld in the early 1960's

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Lou, Marti, Fred

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AAMRR patch

1962 New York Coliseum Motorcycle Show -
Fred Otto & Shelly Berman on right
12-SEPT.1964-FRED OTTO AT MOSPORT PARK,CANADA.jpg (101921 bytes)  
Fred Otto at Mosport
September 1964
1966-COMP-CARD.jpg (70337 bytes)
1966 competition card
15-1965 ACTIVE AMMRR MEMBER CARD.jpg (26496 bytes)
1965 AAMRR card

07-1963-64 ACTIVE & ASSOCIATE AAMRR MEMBER  CARDS.jpg (49396 bytes)
1963 AAMRR active & associate member cards

02-AAMRR-MEMBER & LICENCE CARDS 1962.jpg (69843 bytes)
1962 membership card
card.jpg (15811 bytes)
Fred Otto's AAMRR
business card (1965)

AAMRR app.jpg (166017 bytes)
AAMRR application
(thanks to Alex Heggie)

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21-PURCELL-AL GOLDEN-GEO.METTLER-1-12-04.jpg (313767 bytes)
Purcell, Al Golden, George Mettler

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23-GOLDEN.jpg (260709 bytes)
24-METTLER.jpg (346170 bytes)
05-DISPATCH-SAT.8-24-1963.jpg (94592 bytes)
8/24/63 news article
07A-DISPATCH-SAT.APR.11-64.jpg (45178 bytes)
4/11/64 news article

08-DISPATCH-TUES-4-14-1964.jpg (382753 bytes)
4/14/64 news article

06-VINELAND TIMES-SEPT.20-1963.jpg (99517 bytes)
9/20/63 news article
11-OLYMPIC RIDERS CARD.jpg (95988 bytes)
Olympic Riders M/C Club card

17-1968 CMA CARD.jpg (41208 bytes)
1968 CMA card

18-1969 AMA CARD.jpg (27477 bytes)
AMA membership card

14-PARA MEMBER CARD 1965.jpg (48252 bytes)
Pan American Racing card

Check it out - A video of AAMRR racing at Vineland in 1964


Steve Telder 1986
telder-86-01.jpg (369375 bytes)

Info from Jack Holloway:

I was acquainted with Lou and Walter during the time I was a Jersey City newspaper reporter in 1963, and was occasionally pressed into service as the pit steward for races at Vineland. One of my biggest thrills was riding on Maurice Candy's sidecar for a lap or two around that track.

The major attraction offered by the AAMRR was the inch-per-inch class designations, pitting same-size engines against each other rather than forcing 30-inchers to race against 45-inchers.

We also managed to make sure that each heat headed out onto the track toward the starting line just as the previous heat was heading into the pits (part of my job was to see that it happened that way.) That lack of long delays between heats was for the benefit of the audience, and they sure appreciated it.

My own motorcycle (a 1960 Bonneville) was in Joe Rocket's shop down in Pennsylvania and I did not have enough money to get it out, so I was probably the only person actually involved in the races who did not have his own bike to ride!

Miscellaneous AAMRR photos

Watkins Glen 1964
Frank Camillieri
glen-1964-camillieri.jpg (192520 bytes)
-- -- --

Photos and Info from June Smith-Williams

"Hi; I am at work and it's a slow day so I did a search of AAMRR. I was so pleased to find your site! I was a score keeper and did registration for AAMRR from around 1969-74 or 75. My friend Mary Menard and I would get the bikes lined up for each race and write their numbers down as they zoomed past us. We'd figure the results. We had a wonderful time. I was truly a road racing groupie back in the day. I was a high school art teacher in the early 70's and had lots of boy students into dirt bikes. I would bring in pictures of the races and the kids couldn't believe such bikes existed. I am so pleased to see the beautiful bikes on the road now...my step-son is riding a very nice Yamaha "Crotch Rocket". It is great to see so many ladies driving bikes now too. In my motor cycle racing days the only lady I saw race was Carter Aslop (I think that was her name) and she was good. Some names I remember; Davis Nees, Jim Walsh, Jan Jolles. I have some photos I have saved. Again, you made my day.
June Smith-Williams
June Smith from Kutztown, Pa. in the late 60's and Towanda, Pa. in the early 70's."

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VIR 1972? - Harlan Hadley, Skip Cunningham, John Powell, Kim Brotten, Jeff Wright, Carson Gilley, David Nees, Charlie Wheeler

Email0013.jpg (43162 bytes)
David Nees

Email0003.jpg (44668 bytes)
Mary Menard in the pits with her little guy Richard Lee Chambers

Email0004.jpg (46137 bytes)
David Nees with his arm in a sling and his smashed bike.  The lady he is talking to took photos of the guys racing…she did a nice job!  Mary Gothe?
Probably around 1972

Email0006.jpg (233523 bytes)
A very nice photo of David Nees racing.  The lady photographer in the prior photo took this.  I did a painting of it for David….date again is around 1972, I think

Email0015.jpg (60281 bytes)
Richard Chambers, David Nees

Email0014.jpg (47284 bytes)
Richard Chambers walking through the pits with Burns Moore.  Burns lived in Kutztown, Pa. where Mary Menard and I were going to college.  We saw his bike on a trailer one day as he was getting ready to go to a race somewhere and we had to stop and ask….we had never seen such a bike.  He explained it all to us and we went to a race to check it all out not long afterwards.  That was in 1969 or 70….we were hooked.

Peter Maggio writes "Burns Moore lives in Easton & Richard works with the AMA and is married to Ave Gudelski's widow, Laura"

Email0002.jpg (67655 bytes)
Cold week-end on Montauk Point.  Probably around 1972.  L to R is Patty Phelan, Mary Chambers, June Smith, and Cookie Brown.

Peter Maggio writes "Cookie Brown was a part of the Northern Virginia crowd (Hall and Harlen) drove a BMW bike and always had good chicken. She never missed a race."

Email0012.jpg (218319 bytes)
Summit Point - John Powell, Hall Hadley
Email0005.jpg (50274 bytes)
Summit Point
Email0016.jpg (52972 bytes)
Mosport 1973
Info from Jim Allen:
#74 – “Mouse” McPherson (Hamilton, Ont) 
#100 – Jim Allen (Me!) 
#52 – Kurt Leibman (New Jersey) 
#4 – Mandy Radbord (Montreal)

Photos from Bill and Phyllis Bauer

aamr-bauer-92.jpg (501120 bytes) aamr-bauer-91.jpg (389450 bytes) aamr-bauer-93.jpg (329638 bytes) aamr-bauer-94.jpg (336957 bytes)

AAMRR Newsletters, Results, & Photos - thanks to Martin Violette

May 3 1970 Summit Point
Newsletter 4-6-70006.jpg (2639864 bytes)
Newsletter 4-6-70007.jpg (2239655 bytes) Newsletter 4-6-70008.jpg (990368 bytes) Newsletter 4-6-70009.jpg (2111319 bytes)
May 3 1970 Summit Point Entry List
Spring Nation Entries 70059.jpg (1274209 bytes)
May 3 1970 Summit Point Entry List
Spring Nation Entries 70060.jpg (1229833 bytes)
May 3 1970 Summit Point Entry List
Spring Nation Entries 70061.jpg (1422126 bytes)
May 3 1970 Summit Point Results
Newsletter 6-1-70015.jpg (2281499 bytes)
May 3 1970 Summit Point Results
Newsletter 6-1-70016.jpg (2548093 bytes)
photos from Martin Violette

summit-70-mv01.JPG (160432 bytes)

summit-70-mv02.JPG (130310 bytes)
summit-70-mv08.JPG (168119 bytes) summit-70-mv03.JPG (141539 bytes) summit-70-mv04.JPG (123090 bytes) summit-70-mv05.JPG (118891 bytes)
summit-70-mv06.JPG (157259 bytes) summit-70-mv07.JPG (144792 bytes) summit-70-mv09.JPG (127289 bytes) summit-70-mv10.JPG (116575 bytes)
summit-70-mv11.JPG (118519 bytes) summit-70-mv12.JPG (126360 bytes) summit-70-mv13.JPG (138173 bytes) --
June 6-7, 1970 Summit Point
Newsletter 5-1-70010.jpg (2737108 bytes)
Newsletter 5-1-70011.jpg (2857078 bytes) June 6-7, 1970 Summit Point Results
Results 6-6&7-70017.jpg (2280414 bytes)
Results 6-6&7-70018.jpg (1553387 bytes)
July 4-5, 1970 Nelson Ledges (Steel Cities)
Newsletter 6-1-70014.jpg (2434443 bytes)
Newsletter 8-1-70025.jpg (3349475 bytes) July 4-5, 1970 Nelson Ledges (Steel Cities)
Newsletter 8-1-70026.jpg (2826765 bytes)
July 25-26, 1970 Bridgehampton
Bridgehampton GP 70 70069.jpg (2816749 bytes)
Bridgehampton GP 70 70070.jpg (3799257 bytes) Bridgehampton GP 70 70071.jpg (3442263 bytes) Bridgehampton GP 70 70072.jpg (3632829 bytes)
July 25-26, 1970 Bridgehampton Entry List
Entries 7-25&26-70024.jpg (2797733 bytes)
July 25-26, 1970 Bridgehampton Entry List
Entries 7-25&26-70023.jpg (2879840 bytes)
July 25-26, 1970 Bridgehampton Results
Results_8-9-70021.jpg (916106 bytes)
photos from Martin Violette
bridge-70-mv02.JPG (116698 bytes)

bridge-70-mv01.JPG (117192 bytes)

August 8-9, 1970 Summit Point
Newsletter 7-15-70019.jpg (3149821 bytes)
Newsletter 7-15-70020.jpg (2609762 bytes) August 8-9, 1970 Summit Point Results
Results 8-9-70022.jpg (2804333 bytes)
Newsletter 8-22-70034.jpg (1082295 bytes)
August 8-9, 1970 Summit Point
Cycle News - 9/8/70
Cycle_News__70074.jpg (1187520 bytes)
Cycle_News__9-8-70076.jpg (1205966 bytes) Cycle_News__70075.jpg (1201407 bytes) --
October 3-4, 1970 Summit Point
Fall Nat'l 70068.jpg (2932835 bytes)
Newsletter 8-22-70032.jpg (2669905 bytes) Newsletter 8-22-70033.jpg (2556262 bytes) October 3-4, 1970 Summit Point Results
Newsletter 11-21-70039.jpg (3006988 bytes)
November 1970 newsletter

Newsletter 11-21-70037.jpg (2531582 bytes)

Newsletter 11-21-70038.jpg (2230431 bytes) -- --
June 19-20, 1971 Summit Point Results
Results 6-19&20-70051.jpg (2210986 bytes)
Results 6-19&20-70052.jpg (2488607 bytes) July 17-18, 1971 Nelson Ledges (Steel Cities)
Newsletter 7-71057.jpg (2145119 bytes)
Newsletter 7-71058.jpg (1336109 bytes)
Newsletter 7-71055.jpg (3410546 bytes) Newsletter 7-71056.jpg (2766047 bytes) -- --