VIR - Fall 1972 Motorcycle races - page 1
(probably 9/72 AAMRR)

photos by Robert Graham
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rg-mc-72-69.jpg (289789 bytes)This bike #95 is owned by Amol Precision Corp. of Dumont , New Jersey  - it is a  Honda  CB750 4 cylinder with factory race kit -  the rider who is working on it is Kurt Liebmann - his family owns Amol Precision Corp.  The second bike behind is the Amol Precision's ( OL Special) - it is a BMW Rennsport produced  by Kurt's father Oscar Liebmann, who was a master machinist.  The 500cc engine is much modified - Oscar Liebmann Special - and has a slight incline to the cylinders to improve corner clearance-  the internal improvements were both in design and material.  I worked for and raced bikes for Amol during this period.  This was one fine handling machine. - info from Chuck Dearborn
rg-mc-72-68.jpg (295919 bytes)Amol Precision Oscar Liebmann Special BMW Rennsport- 500cc - ridden
by Kurt Liebmann - this period had two into one exhaust - Kurt had AMA # of 95 and  AAMRR # 52- info from Chuck Dearborn
rg-mc-72-67.jpg (256074 bytes) Engine and trans of Oscar Liebmann Special  BMW Rennsport 500cc.  The engine has SOHC and drive tower is visible in photo on top of cylinder. There are two spark plugs per cylinder.  The gearbox is five speed.  I had this engine to 10,000 rpm and others have had it higher with no mishaps.  The engine produces a unique noise of mechanical precision.- info from Chuck Dearborn
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