VIR - July 1966 Trans-Am - VIR "400"

Virginia International Raceway - July 30-31, 1966

Race Program (cover was partly cut off)

Entry List in Race Program

Race Press Kit (thanks to Roger Blanchard) 

Photos by Watts Hill Jr. - click here for more
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Color Photos by Roger Blanchard - Page 1 - Practice

Color Photos by Roger Blanchard - Page 2 - Grid and Start

Color Photos by Roger Blanchard - Page 3 - Race

Color Photos by Roger Blanchard - Page 4- Race

Color Photos by Tucker Conley - Click Here for more
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Photos by Ed Lloyd

Photos by E Gordon Warren
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Photos from Clay Carpenter - #55 Volvo driven by Chuck Cunningham  
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Race Report and photos - by Gordon Warren in October 1966 SCCA Sportscar magazine

 Results page 1       Results page 2

Race Report - by Donald Frye in Aug. 20, 1966 Competition Press & Autoweek  

Race Report and Photos - Article by W.R.C. Shedenhelm in Dec 1966 Sports Car Graphic

Race Report - from NC Region SCCA Bulletin

PR Items - courtesy of
Dick Pretty

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NASCAR - Four NASCAR stars drove but didn't have much luck - David Pearson blew the engine in his Dodge Dart during practice. Curtis Turner blew an engine in his Mustang but taped over the hole and was the last car running at the finish. Richard Petty went off twice and got permanently stuck in mud. Wendell Scott spun and then broke his Mustang's suspension crossing a drainage ditch  trying to return to the pits. Turn 3 got re-named NASCAR Bend as a result of the difficulties encountered there by Pearson, Petty, and Scott.