VIR - October 1964 SCCA Divisionals - RACE OFFICIALS

Race Chairman

Bob Walton, Jr.

Assistant Race Chairman

Milt Pappas

Chief Steward

Bill Brown

Stewards of the Meeting

Claude Cardwell, Chrm.


John Holmes


Bob Swanson

Communications Chief and Flag Marshall

Bob Walton, Jr.

Chief Pit and Grid Steward

Hayden Beatty

Technical Inspector

David Shook

Safety and Course Marshall

Harry Coutlakis

Chief Starter

Bonner Sams

Chief Timer and Scorer

Stephen Derbyshire

Course Physician

Paul Fleming, M. D.


Peggy Pappas


Diny Fleming


Don Dye

Regional Contest Board Chairman

John McLaughlin

Regional Racing Activities Chairman

Watts Hill, Jr.

Public Relations

John Stufflebeem

Race Secretary

Peggy Sargent

Press Relations

Bernard McHenry

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