VIR - 1964 "Sam's Sprints" SCCA Regionals
NC Region SCCA Bulletin

The results of this race are enclosed in this Bulletin for all concerned. The results speak for themselves.

It might interest everyone to know that as of July 20 (last contact), Racey Feezell was making normal recovery, and in good condition. He suffered two compression fractures to the vertebra. He will be in the Danville Memorial Hospital in Room 445 for two to three weeks. His wife was to be there on the 20th to be with him, and his overnight companion would leave after his wife arrived. His home address is 117 Virginia Rd., Oak Ridge, Tenn. We might encourage all to write cards or letters of encouragement. Ray, or Racey, is a long-time veteran of VIR and it's always enjoyable to have him around. We wish him a quick recovery.

Our thanks go out to every participant for their patience with the weather. I presume that if we had had a blizzard we all would have had a good event. It seems that everything was made much more simple with the lack of spectators, but unfortunately our Sponsor can't afford much of this!

This was probably our largest field of entries for a Regional at VIR, and we can almost assume that next year the entry list will be even larger, and hence more interesting to the drivers. The Region had intended for all entrants to be as comfortable as possible, and with the comments we received after the race, I assume we succeeded. As usual, criticism is invited, and we encourage all drivers to make any comments they feel necessary to further our aims of the Club.

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