VIR - April 1964 SCCA Nationals
NC Region SCCA Bulletin

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A recap of the events at the National Races would not be necessary here, as this information can be found in most any periodical. I will try to make special mention to those persons that made the race possible.

First of all I would like to say that nothing gives our Region more pleasure than to organize and follow through with a successful event. We would have to enjoy it, otherwise we should have our heads examined. The enormous undertaking of presenting a race at VIR, and subsequently making it a successful event, cannot be credited to any one man, or group. With the possibility of being accused of engaging in platitudes, I would like to make special mention to the following, the descending order of which has nothing to do with its rank of importance:

TO THE DRIVERS AND ENTRANTS: God bless you all. You put on a wonderful race, and despite the small entry field of 79 cars actually running for the two day event, you helped to make this one of the most interesting events ever held at VIR. The time, money, toil, tears and sweat that you put into your cars requires that our Region uphold the highest standards of organization and efficiency. We welcome any constructive criticism at any time, and if you address your remarks to any Regional Officer we assure you that each and every thought will be given the greatest consideration. Please do not comment on the location, accessibility, and condition of the track. This problem has been given the utmost consideration for some time, and I hope that in the near future we can solve our problems. Despite its shortcomings, we feel that VIR offers one of the most challenging layouts in the Country. Come back often to VIR, we like you.

TO THE FLAGGING AND COMMUNICATIONS WORKERS: Why anyone would travel from 50 to 100 miles, and further, to stand in the hot sun all day long, to have dust, dirt and rock kicked in your face, to suffer the abuse of the crowd, beer cans, and what-haveyou, is way beyond the comprehension of the ordinary human being. Suffice it to say that you are just as nuts as the rest of us, and without you no race could be had. Drivers and all the rest extend to you their deepest appreciation.

TO PIT AND GRID STEWARDS: It is a well known fact that Hayden Beatty and his following are probably the best organized group of its type. They leave little to be desired in the way of gridding and pitting, but they are not content with this. New procedures and methods are always being talked about.

TO THE TIMERS AND SCORERS: It is no small task to organize and coordinate an efficient timing and scoring contingent. 'It takes at the minimum 22 timers and scorers to work A race. If the gridding positions were a little slow this time, it was because the Race, Chairman gave the drivers the option of securing their own qualifying lap times, and I feel-that this caused a, little confusion, the lease of which was no fault of the Chief Timer and Scorer. This method of determining grid positions will in the near future come under close scrutin~, and we hope to have less stress for these workers. Despite your handicap you were able to give accurate and reliable results.

TO ALL OFFICIALS, STEWARDS OF THE MEETING: It is with you that the net results of the outcome of the race test, and it is with you that all pre-race organization is dependent upon. To all this, we can only hope that you can find some consolation in a job well done. Special mention goes to Claude Cardwell, the Chief Steward, who, despite the number of communications workers, was able to keep tabs on everything that went on around the course without so much as raising a hair. This is as it should be, but I never cease to be amazed at a Chief Steward at VIR. Claude exemplified all those attri-butes so necessary for a Chief Steward.

POSTSCRIPTS: For the benefit of those who are not aware of the following tidbits, we offer this for thought and digestion: It takes no less than 140 SCCA workers and officials to properly put on a race. At this last race we had 179 total which included "workers-in-training". This is exclusive of the personnel required by the CAP, our sponsor.

At this last race there were no driver injuries. Our three race physicians were kept busy all day with spectator injuries, including 3 persons with heat prostration, or dizziness; 2 persons with broken legs; a few inebriates, and a few persons with scratches, of miscellaneous sorts. There were no entrant's cars turned over, but two spectator's cars were flipped. One occurred during the race in the infield, a Volkswagen (no injuries), and one occurred after the race on the track. Just beyond station #5 a young man, alone, could not quite make the turn, went up on the bank, and then turned over. He had a 35 gallon polyethelene garbage can full of ice, water, and beer, and this spilled all over him. $500 damage to his auto, no skin or bone injuries. Needless to say, he sobered up quite rapidly.