VIR - 1959 May SCCA Nationals - Program
May 2-3, 1959

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"Headless wonder - sure hope
he finds what he is looking for"
August 1957

"Lister-Corvette vs. Lister-Jaguar - Windredge and Hansgen at the helm."

"The three B. S. Cunningham team type D Jaguars -  #60 Walter Hansgen, #61 Charles Wallace, and #62 Ed Crawford enter the horseshoe switch back turns at Virginia International Raceway, Danville, Va. Oct. 29, 1957, during the President's Cup feature event Photo courtesy, Warren Ballard."

"The Pit Stop - Tire Change - Driver
Change - The Winners - Charlie
Wallace, Walt Hansgen, and Alfred Momo, Director of the Briggs Cunningham racing team"

"The start - May 1958"

"RCA Phone Station - Stations
like this one inform the officials
of race conditions on the track"

"Lister-Jag - Hopeful contestants want
to see this one in the mirror"

"Mama and Papa Mull ready for line-up
at starting line" - August 1957

"Porsche spyder under the bridge"

"Pilito Baptista at speed in Lotus"

"Charlie Wallace collects some hardware"

"An excellent example of why Roll
Bars are mandatory for all racing cars"

"Fred Windredge gets a brake test"

"Follow the leader - Austin Healey and
2 Ace Bristols - Flagman on corner
gives the all clear signal"

"Lister-Jag gets engine check at
technical inspection" - August 1957

"Cars limber up during practice
on Saturday"

"Ace Bristol - Lotus - Alfa dice in front
of spectator hill"

"Last minute preparation on the
Lister-Jag. Mechanic, Alfred Momo, and Walt Hansgen" - May 1958

"Fill 'er up, Mack - Pure Oil Co.'s big transport fills the race cars"

"Cars go through technical inspection at the airport"
August 1957

"Bob Hathaway's Austin Healey goes
thru technical inspection"

"Jesse Coleman gives the
go signal"

"Ed Kemm, VIR President, presents
Walt Hansgen with First Place
trophy" - May 1958

"Dr. Richard Thompson seems
pleased with the Loot"
August 1957

"Car gets wheel checked at
technical inspection"
August 1957

"The Porsches off to a good start"

"The Line-Up - Cars make ready
in pit area before proceeding to
starting line" - August 1957

"Bridge section of track
during construction"