Harrisburg PA Hamfest July 2014

Jim writes: "Here are a few pictures of the HRAC "Firecracker" Hamfest which was held today.  Picture #1 is the start of the row and picture #6 is the end.  It is a long walk, seemed longer then a football field.
This Hamfest seems to be growing, unlike most other 'fests.  As you can see, most of the Hamfest was on both sides of an access road between two parking lots.  Lots of boatanchors and quite a few military radios.  The BC-312 in Picture #10 was offered at $95 and it sold before I left.  All of the radios in Picture #5 looked to be unused, including the PRC-47.  It's asking price was $275, the R-392 asking price was $325 neither sold before I left. The only thing I bought was an Collins 426T-1 power supply.  28 VDC in, 115 VAC 400 cycles, 630VA square wave out.  Seemed like a good deal at $25!"

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