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SV-16 Formula Super Vee cars

To assist the launch of the new formula, VW's Jo Hoppen commissioned Gene Beach, an established constructor of Formula Vee cars, to design and build the first Super Vee and put this car on display at the Daytona 24 hour race in January 1970 - click here for 1972 letter from Hoppen to Beach.

sv-design-69.JPG (22698 bytes)
Gene Beach's 1969 Design Sketch 
for the original Super Vee (FV 1600)
   sv-ad-01.jpg (101650 bytes)
cat-fsv-01.JPG (317705 bytes)   sv-ad-02.jpg (95651 bytes)

hock-01.jpg (214534 bytes)
SV prototype at Hockenheim 
with Mercedes GP cars - SV was faster!
hock-02.jpg (209610 bytes)
SV prototype at Hockenheim
demarco-01.JPG (47575 bytes)
Ron DeMarco
weaver-01.JPG (81649 bytes)
Ray Weaver
weaver-02.JPG (108654 bytes)
Ray Weaver
feghali-01.JPG (118694 bytes)
Carl Feghali s/n 254
swope-supervee-01.jpg (50179 bytes)
Bill Swope - s/n 254
supervee-reunion-02.jpg (37481 bytes)
Bill Swope - s/n 254
supervee-reunion-01.jpg (24871 bytes)
30th reunion FSV - s/n 254
#254 now owned by Edward Ziegler

s/n  Original owners  Current owner?     cat-cover-01.JPG (155870 bytes)  
01  1968 VWoA (Germany)
The very first SV
01  Don Kearney 
(borrowed from Gene for a race)
02  Ron Demarco (Boca Raton)
acquired in early 1970
sold to ? Scoppe?
destroyed in crash
03  Ray Weaver (CA) ?
04 Stu Eichelberg? (Milwaukee) ?
254  ?? Edward Ziegler