VIR - 1970 April  IMSA - Pre-Race Press

Virginia International Raceway April 25-26, 1970

The Bee: Danville, Va., Wednesday, Apr. 22, 1970

Porsche To Compete At VIR Nationals

Porsche-Audi has entered a two car team effort in the VIR Spring Nationals this weekend. Driving one 911S will be B Sedan National Champion Peter Gregg of Jacksonville, Fla.

Gregg earned the National title as a result of his victory in last November's American Road Race of Champions held at Daytona International Speedway. In the same season Peter also captured a Professional championship in the SCCA Trans-American series. He drove to top honors in the under two liter category as Porsche swept to first place in all but one event for their class. At VIR he will drive the same 911S he used to win class honors at the 12 Hrs. of Sebring in March of this year.

Because of his proven skill, Gregg was chosen to head the Porsche team in a series of ten National Championship races this season. Driving the other car will be Pete Harrison a former SCCA National titleholder. The team's first real test comes on the challenging course at Virginia international Raceway. The champion driver is looking forward to his first visit to the Danville track. Contacted at his Jacksonville headquarters he said, "I've heard a lot of nice things about VIR from friends who have driven there. Since it's one of the few remaining classic road-racing courses I'm looking forward to racing there. We hope to be able to lower the C Production lap record."

The chances of Gregg changing the existing record lap time are very good. His victory in the race on Sunday will depend on how well he performs against the Triumph and Datsun teams that plan to appear.