VIR April 1965 SCCA National Race Photos
 - from SCCA Sports Car Magazine

VIR NATIONALS - Photos by Jack Evans and Sam Blate

Great gobs of brave troops decided to make the journey to the hinterlands for the first National in the N.E. Division put on by the slightly informal (where are my shoes?) NC Region during the weekend of April 10 and 11. Nearly 140 sporty cars (and a few not so sporty) made up the entry list. Although some classes were a mite thin, the racing was pretty thick, and there was no shortage of interesting cars, drivers, or extra-curricular activities. - Gordon Warren

6504-sc-01.JPG (130507 bytes)
Phil Groggins on his Elan way to 3-sec victory over Brice Jennings in CP
6504-sc-02.JPG (191976 bytes)
Graham Shaw brought the AP-winning "orange snake" home with a transmission borrowed from a brave Galaxie-owning spectator.
6504-sc-03.JPG (125768 bytes)
Dick Staples starting on eventually successful bid to get his Spitfire past Howard Hanna's Rene Bonnet
6504-sc-04.JPG (201130 bytes)
Bert Everett harries his E-production winning Porsche past a trouble George Franklin, fighting his MGA
6504-sc-05.JPG (112569 bytes)
The GP-winning Sprite is given its one slow lap by Fred Darling and Crew
6504-sc-06.JPG (192034 bytes)
Don Sesslar's tiger came out of the DP cage and missed the Cobra two pictures above by just 1-1/2 seconds at the flag