VIR - SCCA National Races April 1965 - Worker Report

From NC Region SCCA Bulletin

The North Carolina Region's April Race is now history. For me, and I hope for all of you, it was a most pleasant chapter. In the several years I have been around racing, I have never seen the equal of the general conduct of the event. When better races are run, our region will run them!

I would like to consider this month's RE-iterations as an open letter of appreciation to all those members of our region who participated in the National Cup Race: Drivers, workers, and officials alike.

First - there is Harry Coutlakis, the Race Chairman. Harry is without doubt one of the best race organizers in the country. He handles this relatively thankless task with quiet efficiency, always showing up with the right thing at the right time.

John Bonitz- our race activities man, who effectively acted as our P.R. and general advertising man. (Who got us news space in the N. Y. Times).

Peggy Sargent and Diny Fleming, who performed one of the more difficult tasks, that of race secretary, with registration as a sideline.

Steve Derbyshire and his "car watchers" - Mac McHenry who was the liason between the scoring and the grid - Bob Walton and all the wonderful people on the flag stations. The announcers. Lewis Gunter's "Goon Squad" and the "Pagoda Bouncers". Jim Jefferies. Bonner Sam's and Bob Isenhour's performance at the start-finish line and a great party.

Paul Fleming and his corps of doctors. George Blount, Fred Hayes, and Bob Butler, and all the other scrutineers (including Dick Ott of the Central Carolina Region).

The men responsible for the conduct of the event: Chief Steward Joe Sargent and assistant, Watts Hill, Jr.

Two of the Washington Region's finest, RE, Bob Swanson and "general" racing man, Claude Cardwell, who along with our own Bill Brown, composed the stewards committee.

And, by no means least, those drivers from our Region who entered. Last, but not least, a special note to all who performed so well those necessary little things most people never see which are most important to the running of any event.

I thank you.
Hayden Beatty