VIR - 1960 July 16-17 -
CCR SCCA Drivers School and Regionals

   WE IN CENTRAL CAROLINAS REGION are committed to a program of driver development, believing that the future of the sport depends to a great extent on this one thing.

WE KNOW IT WORKS, because we got one young fellow interested, started him on a Temporary Permit at a Chimney Rock Hill Climb, and in almost exactly one year he was invited to drive at Sebring by a major manufacturer. Not everyone has his aptitude, of course, and not everyone wants to drive in the big time, either. But it convinced us that the woods were full of fellows who only need encouragement and opportunity to become "Drivers" in the true sense of the word.

Photo by Ted Davison

MANY OF US have been going to Virginia International Raceway national races ever since the course was completed, as spectators or workers, and every one of us has said, or heard said, "What I wouldn't give to get MY car on THAT course some day, to see how I could do there. This "COLLEGE OF RACING KNOWLEDGE" is Central Carolinas' effort to make that dream come true for the non-licensed sports car drivers of the Eastern Seaboard..

THE LICENSED DRIVER is afforded an opportunity to have two full days of racing and practice over a world famous course, plus the advice and example of the greatest drivers in S. C. C. A. racing today, without being overshadowed by the fabulous iron and equippages as in a National event or the more famous Regionals in the metropolitan centers.

THE FELLOW WORKING ON A TEMPORARY PERMIT, or who wants to start working on one, is offered two full days of friendly advice and schooling by our greatest drivers who sincerely want to help him on his way, plus a program of short races in which to find out about himself and his car without embarrassment by the "Big Iron" on a track never before open to him.

THE SPECTATOR is offered more thrill and chills- than most of the National events afford, plus an opportunity to rub shoulders with the "great" of the game on a friendly, relaxed basis.

EVERYONE is assured of one of the finest parties ever offered on Saturday night, and a chance to enjoy a real gathering of the clan at a world famous track.


THE COURSE: This three and one-half mile course, built in the rolling hills on the Virginia-North Carolina border under the direction of Ed Kemm, R. E. of the Danville Region, is certainly one of the two or three outstanding sportscar courses in existence. Scene of the Presidents Cup Nationals; beautifully grassed and wooded; 27 foot macadam with no constant radius turns; fast, fierce, but fair - a drivers dream! As a spectator you can take your car near to every vantage point on the course, and they are legion.


RACES: Included in the program will be the list of races and their general classifications, times, etc. This list is not available for release at press time due to abcense of the entry list. Races will be set according to turnout in classes.There will be at least two short races Saturday afternoon and a minimum of one will be closed to Novice drivers. Sunday should bring a program of five races with the possible addition of two more should entries demand it.

TROPHIES:These will be awarded in accordance with the existing SCCA rules, with the exception of those given for the most improved driver, etc.

ELIGIBILITY:All members in good standing with SCCA and their local region of the SCCA who hold a valid State of Residence drivers license. Temporary Permits will be issued to those who apply and qualify for them at the course.

CAR ELIGIBILITY:Production and Modified sports cars and G. T. cars as defined by the SCCA and the FIA plus the imported touring Sedans such as the VW, Renault, etc. All cars must of course carry the mandatory equipment required by the club for race participation.



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