A Contemporary Tour of 700 Fenimore

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I've paid several visits to 700 Fenimore over the past few years (2009 - 2012) and I've taken some photos of the building as it appears today.  I failed, needless to say, to take accurate notes.  I'm going to try to construct a rough floor plan of 700 at some point, and maybe even do a video tour with Neil!

For purposes of orientation, Fenimore Rd runs roughly north/south, and the plant  faces east onto the street.

proto_area.JPG (312106 bytes) communications_print.JPG (287083 bytes) near_proto_facing_south.JPG (225187 bytes) sw_corner.JPG (227271 bytes)
This is the mechanical prototyping area that's right up against the rear wall of the plant.  Here's where you'd go to have a prototype mechanical piece made for you.  The equipment was about to be cleaned out, so I ended up with it.. thanks, Neil!! This is a later photo of the prototyping area, now pretty much cleaned out.  It includes the huge original print that adorned the 1972 annual report.  This shot shows Nick England (who accompanied me on my latest visit) and our genial host, Neil de Pasquale.  The shot is looking east, and the prototyping area is to my right. This shot was taken during a 2012 visit, just to the east of the proto area.  It's looking toward the southwest corner of the building.  The painted-over windows are visible in many of the "rig pix" on this site!  On the cart are a bunch of documents that Neil has kindly collected for me, and something very special:  the last TMC rig to leave 700 Fenimore.  This GPR-90 was Frank Budetti's personal radio.. a future restoration project!
se_corner.JPG (226911 bytes) se_corner1.JPG (216764 bytes) se_corner3.JPG (235819 bytes) se_corner_drafting supports.JPG (225238 bytes)
This view is toward the southeast corner of the building.  This corner was the home of the drafting department.  Evidently much of this space was divided up into cubby-hole-sized offices for the engineering staff. Another view toward the SE corner, bit closer to the windows.  These windows are the ones to the left of the entryway, facing Fenimore Rd. This shot is to the left of the photo to the left, showing more of the drafting and engineering spaces. These supports are about all that's left of TMC's drafting department.  They originally held up the drafting benches that covered the floor near the front windows.
ray's pan-am plaque.JPG (209202 bytes) electrical panel.JPG (232861 bytes) electrical panel 2.JPG (190324 bytes)  
Here's an amazing little treasure that Neil turned up recently.  It's Ray de Pasquale's membership plague in The Clipper Club of Pan-American Airways. Electrical panel, on the rear of the wall just behind the main entryway.  This is what it took to test GPT-200K's!  This activity tended to dim the lights all over Mamaroneck, so big transmitter manufacturing and test moved to West Nyack, where power was less of a problem. Closeup of the spare fuses!  
mens_room1.JPG (149644 bytes) mens_room2.JPG (172296 bytes) unknown1.JPG (268247 bytes) unknown2.JPG (239056 bytes)
This is the inside of the men's room on the first floor.  Check out those classic urinals!  Early 50's industrial style at its best.. ..And the sinks in the men's room. I've stupidly forgotten where this photo was taken.  However, I believe those are the painted-over windows at the SW corner visible through the door. Likewise this view.  I'll get this worked out next time I'm in Mamaroneck!