F. W. Chesson						           CRP.HTM
Waterbury, CT  06710						 Rev: 8-21-2000

		CRP = Raytheon Mfg. Co.			FSC = 49956

CRP-836	      		  RK-836 Tube	
CRP-10AFG     MK8MOD2     Cabinet for 55AFG Indicator Console 
CRP-10APA     OCJ         Plotting board, U/W 52ADY Target Simulator
CRP-10114     SG-1        CRT Deflection Coil
CRP-10115     SG          CRT Focus Coil
CRP-10119     ??          Solenoid, 115 VAC @ 64 MA Imax 
CRP-10212     SO-1        Rotary Sparkgap, brass case 
CRP-10239     ??          Antenna Tower, S/T 10247
CRP-10247     SG-2S       Tower, 100-ft, 15x15 ft at bottom, iron 
CRP-10253     SG-2S       Tower, 100-ft 18x18 ft at bottom 
CRP-10254     SO-7M       Antenna Mount (Sig Corps 2A326.2) 
CRP-10434     SO-7M       Magnetron Magnet
CRP-10550     ??          Hydraulic Pump, P/O 66AFK-1 
CRP-10614     ??          Cabinet for 55AHP 
CRP-10655     SG-3        Permanent Magnet
CRP-10675     OCJ         Cabinet for 52ADZ Radar Signal Simulator
CRP-10690     OCJ,-1      Maintenance Kit 
CRP-10742     OCJ-1       Cabinet for 52AEB Signal Simulator 
CRP-14AAN     SO-8,a      Tuned Cavity, 3000 MC
CRP-14AAT     SO-12M      Tuned Cavity, 9000-9160 MC 
CRP-14ABD     VF          Pulse Delay Network, S/T 14ABW 
CRP-14ABW     VF          Pulse Delay Network 
CRP-14ABX     SO-5        Directional Coupler, U/W 46AEK 
CRP-14ACF     SO-6        Tuned Cavity, 6275-6574 MC, silvered 
CRP-14ACH     SG-6        Tuned Cavity, 6250-6900 MC 
CRP-14009     SG          Duplexer Tuning Cavity, 2900-3100 MC 
CRP-19062     MAY-1       Auxiliary Battery Pack

CRP-20ABM     SG          Power Supply, 115 VAC 
CRP-20ABN     ??          Power Supply, 115 VAC 
CRP-20ACM     SO-7        Power Supply, 115 VAC 
CRP-20ACN     SO-11,12M   Power Supply, 115 VAC 
CRP-20ACO     X-SO-11     Power Supply, 115 VAC 
CRP-20ACU     SO-4,12M,12N  Power Supply, 115 VAC
CRP-20ADA     VF          Power Supply, 115 VAC 
CRP-20ADD     VF          Power Supply, 115 VAC, S/T 20ADA 
CRP-20ADE     SO-12-  Power Supply	
CRP-20AEK     SC,SK       Power Supply U/W 66ALA, 66ALB 
CRP-20AFG     SG-e,1e     Power Supply, 115 VAC 
CRP-20AFH     SG-3,1e     Power Supply, 115 VAC  
CRP-20AFW     OCJ         Power Supply, 115 VAC  
CRP-20AGN-1   SO-12N      Rectifier & Junction Box  S/T 20ACN 
CRP-20WCN-1   SO-12M      Rectifier & Junction Box  S/T 20ACN 

CRP-20178     SO-13       Power Supply, 115 VAC 400 cps 
CRP-20225     SO-1,8      Power Supply, 115 VAC 400 cps 
CRP-20238     SO-2        Power Supply, 115 VAC 400 cps 
CRP-20247     SO-3        Power Supply, 115 VAC 400 cps 
CRP-20269     SO-3        Power Supply 
CRP-20286     SO-1        Power Supply, 115V 400 cps 
CRP-20287     SO-2        Power Supply, 115V 400 cps 
CRP-21AAY     SG-1*	  Antenna Position Error Voltage Amp.	
CRP-21ACD     SO-1,8      Modulator/Motor Generator 
CRP-21ACE     SO-2        Radar Subassembly 
CRP-21ACH     SO-7M       Modulator/Motor Alternator
CRP-21ACY     SG-3        Power Supply 
CRP-21ACZ     SG-3        Servo 

CPR-23ABE     ABD	  IFF Control, U/W CPR-43AAH Receiver
CRP-23ADU     SO-1        Indicator Control
CRP-23ADU-1   SO-7M       Indicator Control
CRP-23ADZ     SO-1        Indicator Control
CRP-23AEE     SO-3        Indicator Control
CRP-23AEF     SO-11       Indicator Control
CRP-23AEG     SO-12M      Indicator Control
CRP-23AEJ     SO-C,D,3    Antenna Control 
CRP-23AEK     SO-1A,1B,4  Control Unit 
CRP-23AFD     SO-4        Indicator Control
CRP-23AFK     SO-4        Control Unit 
CRP-23AFX     SG-3        Antenna Control
CRP-23AGA     SO-12M,N    Generator Control, U/W 50ADL
CRP-23AGC     JG-1,SG     Display Load Divider Control
CRP-23AGG     ??          IFF Coordinator, P/O 55AHP 
CRP-23AGJ     SG-3        Control Unit
CRP-23AGL     TDY-a,1A    Indicator Control 
CRP-23AGM     PO,YQ       Remote Control 
CRP-23AHQ     OCJ-1       Accessory Control, P/O 52AEB 
CRP-23AJC     SO-6,10     Control Unit
CRP-23AJD     SV-6,SO-6   Indicator Control
CRP-23AJG-1   SS-1        Amplifier Control (STC) 
CRP-23AJG-2  AN/BPS-1(XN) Indicator Control (STC)
CRP-23AJH     SG-6        Indicator Control
CRP-23AJH-1   SG-6        Control Unit
CRP-23AJJ     SG-6        Antenna Control  
CRP-23AJJ-1   SG-6B       Antenna Control
CRP-23AJK     SO-12M      Antenna Control
CRP-23AKQ     OCJ         Radar Control
CRP-23399     SO-7M       Generator Control 
CRP-23513A    WFA-1A      Control-Indicator 
CRP-24AAU     SO-5        Switch Box 
CRP-24468     SG-3        Lever Switch 
CRP-24786     VJ          Selector Switch 
CRP-30AAM,-1  SG-1*       Power Transformer
CRP-30AAP     SO-10       Voltage Regulator 
CRP-30092-A217 TDY-1      Waveguide Probe 
CRP-301250    SG-1*	  Auto Xformer, 60 C
CRP-35AAH     ??          Generator (superseded by 35AAH-1) 
	CRP-35AAH-1   SG-1,a      Square-Wave Generator
CRP-35ABH     SG,-1B,2S   Pulse Generator 
CRP-35ABV     TDY-A,1A    RF Oscillator 2700-3330 MC
CRP-35ACG     TDY-A       RF Oscillator 2700-3330 MC 4-band 150W 
CRP-35ACR     OCJ         Pulse Generator, 1 & 4 usec 
CRP-35ACS     OCJ         Sweep Generator 
CRP-35ACT     OCJ         Interference Generator 
CRP-35ACU     OCJ         Converter 15 MC input, 30 MC out 
CRP-35ACU-1   ??          Converter, P/O 52AEB, S/T 35ACU 

CPR-42(43?)AAH     ABD    Radio, 38-52 & 195-220 MC
CRP-43AAK,-1,2 SG         Radar, incl. 20ABM, 20ABN, 35AAH, 46ABP, 52ABE, 60AAN 
CRP-43AAK-3   SG-1        Ship Radar, incl. 46ABD-3, 52ABE-1, 35AHH-1  
CRP-43AAK-4   SG-1,2      Ship Radar,  S/T 43AAK, except 46ADQ & 35ABH  60 KWPk
CPR-43AAP     ABE         Aircraft Receiver, 100-116 & 175-225 MC
CRP-43ABK     SO          Radar, 2900-3100 MC
CRP-43ABK-1   SO-2        Radar, 2900-3100 MC, incl 46ACA-1 
CRP-43ABN     SL          Radar, ship, early warning 
CRP-43ABY     SO-1        Radar, incl 46ACA-1 

CRP-301591		  Power Xformer, 115 VAC to 33, 38 & 42 VAC

CPR-43AAH     ABD	  IFF Rcvr, 38-52 and 175-225 MC, U/W CPR-23ABE
CRP-43AAK-*   SG-1*	  Transmitter-Receiver Unit 
CRP-43ABY     SO-8	  Ship Radar, incl 46ACA, 66AGD	
CRP-43ACD     SO-3        Ship Radar, incl 46ADA 
CRP-43ACN     SO-4        Ship Radar, incl 46ADP 
CRP-43ACO     SO-4,12     Ship Radar, S/T 43ACN 
CRP-43ACP     SO-9        Radar 
CRP-43ADR     SO-6,10     Ship Radar, 140-250 KW-PK
CRP-43ADS     SG-6        Ship Radar
CRP-43ADS-1   SG-6        Ship Radar
CRP-43ADS-3   SG-6        Ship Radar, 6300 MC
CRP-43ADS-4   SG-6B       Ship Radar
CRP-43AGO-    SO-12N	  Ship Radar, 900-9160 MC	
CRP-43071     MAY,-1      Transceiver, 225-390 MC, A2,A3, 1 W, 6 VDC 
CRP-43071A    MAY-1       Transceiver, 225-390 MC 

CPR-46ABC     AN/APR-1	  Radar Rcvr, 80-950 MHz, IF 30 MC,  U/W CPR-47AAE Tuner
CRP-46ABD     SG          Radar Receiver, 3019-3100 MC
CRP-46ABD-1   SG          Radar Receiver, 3019-3100 MC (tube mixer) 
CRP-46ABD-2   SG-A        Radar Receiver, 3019-3100 MC (xtal mixer) 
CRP-46ABD-3   SG-1        Radar Receiver 
CRP-46ACA     SO-8        Radar Receiver, unshielded
CRP-46ACA-*   SO-1,8      Radar Xceiver, 2700-3300 MC, shielded 
CPR-46ACJ     ASB-7       Radar Rcvr, 509-556 MC; 55 & 16 MC IFs.  13 tubes
CRP-46ADA     SO-3        Radar Receiver, 9000-9160 MC
CRP-46ADP     SO-4        Radar Receiver, 9000-9160 MC, S/T 46ADA 
CRP-46ADQ     SG-1        Radar Receiver, 3300-3700 MC 
CRP-46AEA     SG-3,4      Radar Receiver, 3550-3700 MC 
CRP-46AEK     SO-5        Radar Receiver, 6275-6575 MC 
CRP-46AER-1   SC-6        Radar Receiver, 6275-6575 MC 

CPR-47AAE     AN/APR-1	  Tuning unit, 80-370 MHz
CPR-47AAF     ARC,-1      RF Tuner, Range B; 290-950 MC, S/T 47AAE    12 VDC
CRP-50AAG     VJ-1        Delay Unit 
CRP-50AAT,-1  SG          Control Amplifier 
CRP-50ABU     SO ?        Modulator, sim. to 50ADD 
CRP-50ABX     SG-1,A      PPI Remote Adapter 
CRP-50ABX-1   SG-1C       PPI Remote Adapter 
CRP-50ABX-2   SG          PPI Remote Adapter 
CPR-50ABY     OAK         Rectifier-Amplifier (slotted line amp) 
CRP-50ACX     SO-1        Radar Modulator 
CRP-50ADD     SO-2        Radar Modulator, S/T 50ABU 
CRP-50ADJ     SO-3,13     Radar Modulator 
CRP-50ADL     SO-7M,7H,12M,12N  PPI Adapter, U/W 23AGA
CRP-50ADN     SO-7M       Radar Modulator, S/T 50ADD 
CRP-50ADO     SS,SO-A     Radar Modulator 
CRP-50ADV     SU          Radar Modulator 
CRP-50AEM     SO-3        Radar Modulator 
CRP-50AEQ-1   SO-4        Radar Modulator 
CRP-50AEV     SO-1,8      Radar Modulator 
CRP-50AFN     SG-3        Radar Modulator 
CRP-50AFU     VH          Indicator Adapter 
CRP-50AFU-1   VJ          Indicator Adapter 
CRP-50AGC     SG,SX       Antenna Servo Control Amplifier 
CRP-50AGG     VJ-1        Pulse Delay Oscillator 
CRP-50AGQ		  Modulator
CRP-50AHN     SO-5        Modulator & Rectifier, U/W 46AEK 
CRP-50AJJ     SO-6        PPI Adapter 
CRP-50AJL     SO-6        Radar Modulator 
CRP-50AJM     SG-6        Radar Modulator 
CRP-50AJN     SG-6        Control Amplifier 
CRP-50AJO     SG-6        Video Amplifier, U/W 50AJM, 43ADS 
CRP-50AJP     SU-2        Radar Modulator, U/W 43ADT  
CRP-50AJT     SG-e,1e     Radar Subassembly 
CRP-50AKN     OCJ         Radar Modulator, U/W 35ACR,35ACS,35ACT 
CRP-50AKN-1   OCJ-1       Radar Modulator, U/W R-1, 35ACS-1, 35ACT 
CRP-50AKO     OCJ         Control Amplifier, U/W 52ADY 
CRP-50AKV     OCJ-1       Control Amplifier, P/O 52AEB 
CRP-50AKW     OCJ-1       Control Amplifier 
CRP-50AKX     VJ-1        Indicator Adapter, U/W 55AGU-1 
CRP-50ALA     VJ,-1       Delay Unit 
CRP-50ALB     VJ-b        Indicator Adapter 
CRP-52ABE     SG          Radar Transmitter, 3019-3100 MC, 50 KW-Pk 
CRP-52ABE-1   SG-1        Radar Transmitter, 3019-3100 MC, 50 KW-Pk 
CRP-52ADY     OCJ         Radar Target Simulator
CRP-52ADZ     OCJ         Radar Signal Simulator 
CRP-52AEA     OCJ-1       Radar Signal Simulator 

CRP-55ADQ     SO-8	  PPI Indicator
CRP-55AFH	SG-1*	  Rage and Azimuth Indicator  2 CRT		
CRP-60ABF     OBA         Radar Wavemeter			900862		
CRP-60ACV     SG-3        Range Calibrator 
CRP-62ABR     SO-6,10     Radar PPI Junction Box
CRP-62108     SO-1,7M/N   Antenna control 
CRP-62143     SO2	  Junction Box	
CRP-66AJD     SO-12	  Parabolic Antenna, 9000 MC
CRP-66ABJ     SG          Parabolic Antenna, 3000-3100 MC 
CRP-66ABJ-1   SG-1*       Parabolic Antenna, 2900-3100 MC
CRP-66ADN     SO,-A,CXCH  Antenna Assembly, inc 66ADO 
CRP-66ADO     SO,-A,CXCH  Dipole Antenna
CRP-66AFK-1   SO-A        Rotary Antenna, Waveguide Horn, 1650-5200 MC
CRP-66AFL     SO-1        Parabolic Antenna, 3000 MC
CRP-66AFM     SO-8        Parabolic Antenna, 3000 MC, incl. 66AGD 
CRP-66AFN     SO-2        Parabolic Antenna, 3000 MC
CRP-66AFT     SF-1        Parabolic Antenna, 2965-3030 MC
CRP-66AGC     SG-2S       Parabolic Antenna, 300 MC
CRP-66AGD     SO-8        Parabolic Antenna, 2965-3019 MC
CRP-66AGG     SO-7M       Parabolic Antenna, 3000 MC
CRP-66AGN     SO-8A       Parabolic Antenna, 2965-3019 MC
CRP-66AGQ     SO-1a       Parabolic Antenna, 3000 MC  
CRP-66AGS     SO-4        Parabolic Antenna, 9090 MC  
CRP-66AHR     SO-9        Antenna assembly 
CRP-66AHS     SO-1        Parabolic Antenna, 1650-5200 MC
CRP-66AKG     TDY-1A      Horn Antenna, 2700-3300 MC
CRP-66AKP     SG-4        Parabolic Antenna, 3400-3700 MC 
CRP-66AKZ     SG-C,D,1C,1D Parabolic Antenna, 2900-3100 MC 
CRP-66ALA     SC,SK       Antenna, 215-225 Mc, blue band 
CRP-66ALB     SC,SK       Antenna, 195-205 Mc, yellow band 
CRP-66ALK     TDY-A,1A    Horn & Reflector Antenna, 2700-3300 MC 500 W 
CRP-66ALL     TDY-A,1A    Dummy Antenna 
CRP-66ALP     TDY-2       Dummy Load, 150W, 100-1200 MC
CRP-66ALZ     SC-5        Parabolic Antenna, 6275-6575 MC, XB Band 
CRP-66AMP     SO-6,10     Parabolic Antenna, 6275-6575 MC, XB-1 Band 
CRP-66AMQ     SG-6        Antenna, Dual horn/refl. assy, XB-1 Band 
CRP-66AMS     SG-E,1E     Parabolic Antenna, 2700-3300 MC

			*		*		*