Navy Pre-war Communications Stations

Info and High-res Photos - Los Baños Philippines Naval Radio Station 1930
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Info and Photos - Wailupe & Pearl Harbor Hawaii Naval Radio Station 1920's
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Miscellaneous Other Stations

Info and High-res Photos -Cavite Philippines Naval Radio Station 1929
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Info and Photos - Key West Naval Radio Station 1905
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Washington DC


Navy Dept Communications Office 1919
NH 52917HR.jpg (10931048 bytes)
RE, RF, RG receivers at Washington Communications Station (1932)
1932-commsta-wa-01.jpg (545458 bytes)
1919 -  Transatlantic Wireless Room - "Reading the radio tape upon which messages are received in code by means of perforation."
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NAA Arlington 

NAA History Article from BuShips Journal - Jan 1957

NAA Early Photos and History from Sparks Journal   - thanks to John Dilks and Society of Wireless Pioneers

arlington-tower-111103.JPG (372054 bytes) arl-insulator-1924.jpg (480196 bytes)

1924 - Insulator brought from NAA to exhibit in a NYC radio show (Photo by United)

1913 NAA Arlington antenna towers
arl-tower-1913.jpg (2214762 bytes)


1917 NAA Arlington antenna towers
arlington-1917.jpg (659653 bytes)

arlington-1922-news.jpg (395304 bytes)
arlington-191x-1502.JPG (1306168 bytes)
NAA Arlington - Fort Myer - Radio, Va.
arlington-1401-01.JPG (99133 bytes)
NAA Arlington - Fort Myer - Radio, Va.
arlington-92.jpg (39069 bytes)
NAA Arlington - Fort Myer - Radio, Va.
arlington-91.jpg (41565 bytes)
NAA Arlington - Fort Myer - Radio, Va.
1925 - RMC Gilmour holds 1905 NAA receiver - on table is contemporary receiver (Photo by United)
rcvr-naa-1925-1508.jpg (7273387 bytes)
Arlington post card text: "The United States Naval Radio Station at Radio, Virginia. Situated at the Southwestern side of the Fort Meyer Military Reservation near Washington DC. Built by the US Navy Department (Bureau of Steam Engineering) on Land rented to the Navy Department by the War Department. Rated Power of Station ?? kilowatts. Towers, one 600 feet high, 150 feet square at the base, and two 450 feet high 120 feet square at the base, located at angles of an isosceles triangle, large tower at the apex, base of triangle 350 feet between center of towers, perpendicular to base 550? feet. Normal range, day 2000 miles, night 3000 miles, Cost about $250,000."

NSS Annapolis - 

annapolis-1920.jpg (40318 bytes)
NSS Annapolis - Greenbury Point 1920
annapolis-1935-lr.JPG (114785 bytes)
NSS - US Navy Photo 3/35
- high-res (5Kx3K) version

annapolis-tower-110630-1.JPG (47368 bytes)
NSS - US Navy Photo 11/25/69

annapolis-tower-101.JPG (36559 bytes)
NSS Annapolis 800' antenna tower - 1954 - US Navy Photo
annapolis-tower-102.JPG (52635 bytes)
NSS Annapolis tower photo info - 1954

NPO Cavite, Philippines 

cavite-1927-1212.JPG (369621 bytes)
NPO Cavite, Philippines 1927
cavite-1930.jpg (286922 bytes)
NPO Cavite, Philippines 1930 - Sangley Point antenna towers in background
cavite-3402.JPG (329279 bytes)
NPO Cavite, Philippines 1934 - Sangley Point antenna towers in background
cavite-110907-1.JPG (226388 bytes)
NPO Cavite, Philippines 1940

NPL San Diego

Space & Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego - "The history of electronic technology began on Pt. Loma a long time before the establishment of the laboratory here in 1940. On May 12, 1906, a chief petty officer and two sailors drove a horse-drawn wagon to the downtown pier and loaded up a Massie 5-kw. transmitter/receiver, the state-of-the-art in communications. This was the new age of "wireless radiotelegraphy," which the Navy would eventually shorten simply to "radio." Many hours later, in the little station house they’d set up on top of the hill, in a spot now occupied by our technical library, just off a rutted dirt road that would someday become Catalina Boulevard and Cabrillo Memorial Drive, the equipment had been installed. The chief sat down and tapped out a hopeful message to the Mare Island Naval Radio Station. He was hopeful, because the distance record for Navy wireless communication at the time was about 125 miles, and Mare Island was 500 miles away. He was stunned by an immediate reply, and in celebration commissioned the facility as Navy Radio Station Pt. Loma."
chollas-1917.jpg (70270 bytes)
NPL San Diego - Chollas Heights - 1917

Arlington & Chollas Heights towers -

pt-loma-1906-91.jpg (109456 bytes)
Massie Wireless 5kw transmitter
NPL San Diego - Pt. Loma - 1906

chollas-1922-01.JPG (398653 bytes)
NPL Chollas Heights - 1919

pt-loma-1924-91.jpg (104312 bytes)
NPL San Diego - Pt. Loma - 1924

pt-loma-1934-91.jpg (89659 bytes)
NPL San Diego - Pt. Loma - 1934

pt-loma-1942-91.jpg (101833 bytes)
NPL San Diego - Pt. Loma - 1942

NBA Panama Canal Zone

  • NBA Early Photos from Sparks Journal - thanks to John Dilks & Society of Wireless Pioneers

darien-1935-1404-10.JPG (1887623 bytes)
NBA Darien CZ 1935
US Navy photo (hi-res scan)
darien-1924-01.JPG (64180 bytes)
NBA Darien, Panama
Decommissioned 12/31/1937
panama-darien-1304.JPG (403511 bytes)
NBA Darien (Balboa), Panama
colon-early-01.jpg (227419 bytes)
NAX Colon, Panama
postcard-balboa-1408.jpg (387129 bytes)
NBA Balboa Panama
photo-balboa-1307.jpg (61379 bytes)
NBA Balboa Panama
- later than one to left
postcard-balboa-1301.jpg (48773 bytes)
NBA Balboa, Panama
balboa-postcard-1505.JPG (145932 bytes)
NBA Balboa, Panama
balboa-early-01.jpg (222641 bytes) -- -- --

NPH - U. S. Naval Radio Station, Russian Island (Vladivostok)

vladivostok-1918-13.jpg (231036 bytes) The site today
vladivostok-2011.gif (255518 bytes)
vladivostok-1918-11.jpg (387603 bytes) vladivostok-1918-12.jpg (405955 bytes)
Receiving Equipment
NH 79065HR.jpg (11346636 bytes)
Transmitting Equipment
NH 79063HR.jpg (11788675 bytes)
Main building, Spring 1919
NH 79055.jpeg (215809 bytes)
Late Winter 1919
NH 79057.jpeg (178004 bytes)
Portable tower
NH 79062.jpeg (244873 bytes)
300' wooden tower
NH 79061.jpeg (200623 bytes)
Unloading equipment from USS Saturn
January 1919
NH 79053.jpeg (191047 bytes)
NH 79059.jpeg (203903 bytes)

from a 1919 report - U. S. Naval Radio Station, Russian Island (Call sign NPH):
Located on Russian Island, Siberia (Vladivostok). Equipped with a 60 kw arc set, and a 12 kw arc set. At the present time no permanent wave lengths have been assigned.
    Radio Communication: Tests are being made to establish schedules for this station. At the present time communication is effective with Peking, Cavite, Guam and with ships within range of the station. Can communicate with St. Paul and Cordova, Alaska. Signals are very weak from those stations, but it is expected to establish effective communications in the near future.
    Recommendations have been made to lay a cable from the station to Vladivostok, a distance of about fifteen miles, for both telephone and telegraph service. It is expected that this cable will be laid by winter (1919). The Vladivostok end will be at the headquarters of the American Expeditionary Forces, with a loop to a U. S. ship in port. Telephone communications may be had at the Russian Island Red Cross Hospital, about one mile from the station, which connects to Vladivostok by cable.
    Comment: This station will probably handle commercial traffic as well as Government traffic. It is of military value in furnishing communication to and from the American Expeditionary Forces in Siberia, and for communicating with vessels of the Fleet in Chinese and Japanese waters.
    This station was taken over from the Russian Government, and was equipped with apparatus furnished by the Navy Yard, Mare Island, and equipment taken from the Heeia Point Station, Honolulu and was commissioned about 30 May 1919.
    U.S. Naval Radio Station, Heeia Point, Territory of Hawaii. The original Federal arc transmitter was dismantled and shipped to Vladivostok 7 December 1918

Miscellaneous Station Photos

greatlakes.jpg (30298 bytes)
NAJ Great Lakes
virgin-isl-ant-01.JPG (54983 bytes)
NBB St. Thomas Virgin Islands
gitmo-old.JPG (47376 bytes)
NAW Guantanamo
amagansett-postcard-1309.JPG (65216 bytes)
NBM Amagansett, LI, NY
ant-nola-1922.JPG (88621 bytes)
NAT New Orleans, 1922
kodiak-191x-1502.JPG (1226434 bytes)
NPS Kodiak, Alaska, under construction
card-dutchharbor.jpg (16380 bytes)
NPR Dutch Harbor Alaska
pribilof-191x-1502-01.JPG (388640 bytes)
Pribilof Islands Alaska
photo-jupiter-1408.JPG (295029 bytes)
NAQ Jupiter Inlet Florida
qsl-capecod-1914-01.jpg (18621 bytes)
NAE -Navy Wireless & Marine Signal Station - Highland, North Truro, Cape Cod, Mass.
pagopago-1937-1212.jpg (117508 bytes)
NPU Tutuila, Pago Pago, Samoa 1937
fire-island-1916.jpg (524380 bytes)
NAH Fire Island 1916
sandyhook-01.jpg (398045 bytes)
NAH Sandy Hook NJ
belmar-1917-1312-1.jpg (118923 bytes)
Belmar NJ 1917 
(taken over by USN during WWI)
belmar-1917-1312-2.jpg (27936 bytes)
Belmar NJ 1917 
(taken over by USN during WWI)
photo-belmar-nj-ww1-01.JPG (279613 bytes)
Belmar NJ 1917 
(taken over by USN during WWI)
sayville-1918-01.jpg (619693 bytes)
Sayville, L.I. NY 1918
(taken over by USN during WWI)
sayville-1918-02.jpg (894040 bytes)
Sayville, L.I. NY 1918
(taken over by USN during WWI)
sayville-1918-03.jpg (942691 bytes)
Sayville, L.I. NY 1918
(taken over by USN during WWI)
sayville-1918-04.jpg (647411 bytes)
Sayville, L.I. NY 1918
(taken over by USN during WWI)
hawaii-1920-01.JPG (546000 bytes)
NPM Pearl Harbor
Federal Arc Converter
xmtr-191x-01.JPG (882899 bytes)
1900's Transmitter
unknown location
ant-tower-191x-02.JPG (518004 bytes)
1900's Towers/Station
 - unknown location
ant-tower-191x-01.JPG (295794 bytes)
Tower 1900's - unknown location

Thanks to Google Books for making the material shown below available.

"Developments in High Power Radio, and its practical application in the services of the United State Navy"
by CDR Stanford C. Hooper
- from Radio Broadcast magazine Volume I

Download Part I, September 1922

Download Part II, October 1922

cayey-101.JPG (295982 bytes)
NAU Cayey Puerto Rico - from 1922 Radio Broadcast magazine thanks to Google
pearl-101.JPG (267805 bytes)
NPM Pearl Harbor - from 1922 Radio Broadcast magazine thanks to Google
arlington-101.JPG (566610 bytes)
NAA Arlington - from 1922 Radio Broadcast magazine thanks to Google
tower-101.JPG (326875 bytes)
600' Tower -  - from 1922 Radio Broadcast magazine thanks to Google


cavite-101.JPG (383152 bytes)
NPO Cavite -  - from 1922 Radio Broadcast magazine thanks to Google

federal-arc-101.JPG (364930 bytes)
Arc converters under construction at Federal -  - from 1922 Radio Broadcast magazine thanks to Google

peking-101.JPG (279736 bytes)
NPP Peking - from 1922 Radio Broadcast magazine thanks to Google
tower-102.JPG (423546 bytes)
NPM Tower Insulators at Pearl Harbor -  - from 1922 Radio Broadcast magazine thanks to Google

bordeaux-101.JPG (518385 bytes)
Bordeaux -  - from 1922 Radio Broadcast magazine thanks to Google

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